Why are PVC pipes widely used
  • Date:2022-05-26
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     PVC products are widely used because of its good performance, economy and environmental protection.

     PVC products do have good performance, which makes it the material of choice in many fields and applications in our modern society. PVC-U pipe has great strength, and its small required strength (MRS) reaches 25MPa, while the Mrs value of PE100 with high grade in polyolefin pipe is only 10MPa, and PVC-U pipe is 2.5 times of it.

    Another reason why PVC products are selected in competition with other materials is that it is economical and effective. Most plastics (resins) are made of oil, so the price of resin depends on the price of oil, especially for plastic varieties that consume more ethylene in production (1kg of polyethylene needs 1kg of ethylene, while 1kg of PVC needs 0.43kg of ethylene). With the continuous growth of oil price, the price of resin has remained high for a long time. PVC, which uses coal as raw material, is less affected by the high oil price and continues to maintain a low price, thus enhancing its competitiveness.

    Another reason why PVC products can last forever is that it is an environmentally friendly product. As we all know, the alkali industry is the foundation of the chemical industry. In China alone, the annual output of caustic soda is 9 million tons. A large amount of chlorine will be produced in the process of producing caustic soda by electrolysis of table salt. Chlorine is a gas with toxic, harmful and pungent smell. If it is accidentally leaked into the atmosphere, it will cause serious harm to the air, the environment and the surrounding organisms. Therefore, the chlorine produced must be digested, and the production and manufacture of polyvinyl chloride resin is a good treatment method for consuming a large amount of chlorine. Therefore, from the perspective of national macro policies and great environmental protection, PVC is an environmental protection product that the country focuses on developing and protecting.

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