What is PVC pipe? Advantages and disadvantages of PVC pipe
PVC is the most famous pipe material. However, from clothing to water bottles, PVC is a widely used plastic that can be used in many industries. Here, we will carefully study how it is used in the pipeline. What is PVC? PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a thermoplastic that can be used in many industries, including construc......
Application of new PVC pipe in international market
At present, in North America, Western Europe, South Africa and Australia, new PVC-O pipes are mainly used in municipal water supply, farmland irrigation and pressure drainage markets. Foreign PVC-O pipe standards: International standard: iso16422:2014; Spanish standard aenor:une ISO 16422; British standard bsi:bs-1so16......
Why are PVC pipes widely used
     PVC products are widely used because of its good performance, economy and environmental protection.      PVC products do have good performance, which makes it the material of choice in many fields and applications in our modern society. PVC-U pipe has great strength, and its small req......
Winter storage is important if you want to make garden pipes durable. Here are some steps on how to store garden hoses correctly in winter: 1. Drain the garden hose: let the water in the garden hose flow out as much as possible. If there is still water in the hose, it will freeze and expand when the temperature is part......
Application scope of PVC hose
PVC hose mainly has the following categories and scope of application: 1. PVC plastic reinforced spiral pipe: used for sanitation operation, agriculture and forestry irrigation, sewage drainage and water absorption, oil, return particles, powder, etc 2. PVC conjoined pipe: suitable for conveying oxygen, acetylene and o......
How to distinguish the quality of agricultural high pressure spray hose?
1、 Check whether the surface is smooth and even, whether there are blisters, bulges, sponges, trachomas, etc; 2、 Bend by hand to see if there are cracks; 3、 Check whether the reinforcing layer of steel Shu wire is arranged regularly; 4、 Check whether the cross section, inner hole and steel wire layer are round ......
Precautions for installation of PVC plastic hose
1. In order to ensure the smooth and clean of PVC pipes, the pipe should be put on the bracket, which can ensure that the pipe is not placed everywhere and trampled by the crowd, the pipe can also be used cleanly, and the sludge residue in the pipe can be prevented; 2. Before installation, the layout of construction pi......
Is PVC hose poisonous?
1、 The first is to see whether the resin raw materials are environmental protection grade. Large enterprises, domestic and foreign sales have a certain degree of unified quality, quality assurance, the selected raw materials are environmental protection grade, otherwise they will be returned, causing irreparable loss......