Is PVC hose poisonous?
  • Date:2021-01-19
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1、 The first is to see whether the resin raw materials are environmental protection grade.
Large enterprises, domestic and foreign sales have a certain degree of unified quality, quality assurance, the selected raw materials are environmental protection grade, otherwise they will be returned, causing irreparable losses.
2、 Look at additives
In PVC processing, a lot of auxiliaries are needed to assist raw materials. If the auxiliaries are not environmental protection grade, they are toxic. Environmental protection grade non-toxic can be used safely. Stabilizer is essential in the production process. Many small enterprises will use lead salt, cadmium salt, barium salt, etc. for opaque products, and these are toxic. Other rib agent is also the same, the selection of environmentally friendly additives recognized by the state can be used safely.
Therefore, PVC is non-toxic, but whether PVC products are toxic depends on the enterprise. But generally speaking, large enterprises and big brands are trustworthy. Small brands pursue profits and usually choose low-cost and environmentally friendly materials. However, like a large number of PVC tablets used in drug packaging, disposable infusion tubes are all PVC, so in general, it depends on the enterprise itself.
Summary: PVC hose contains or does not contain poison, mainly depends on the raw materials used by the factory. Decomposition with non environmental protection materials can produce pungent odor and unstable, and the decomposition products will flow out with the water


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